Welcome to 
Gwynedd Paranormal Society

We are registered paranormal investigators on the National Register of Professional Investigators, as well as ASSAP members (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena).
We conduct Both day and overnight Paranormal Investigations in reportedly haunted locations throughout Wales, England and some parts of Europe.
We have been investigating the 
paranormal since 2005, investigating Battlefields and forts of the Napoleonic wars we started the new group GPS to help families and businesses throughout Wales, England as well some parts Europe,  who are being tormented and haunted by  paranormal activity. If you have experienced visits from the unknown, we can help you understanding what you feel to be paranormal activity in your business, property or home,  the investigation is free and a full report of findings given if you have any questions about the paranormal or would like us to investigate your home, business or property, contact us on our contact page. (we've in investigated in both Spain and Portugal)

Why we started GPS 
The reason we started GPS is that both families and businesses didn't know where to go for help, when they believe that they have some kind of paranormal activity, this is where you can be misled by some groups who will change high fees to investigate and then tell you, your haunted, so they can charge even more fees for the cleansing the property when it can turn out to be nothing we are and free service and only in this field to benefit the scientific research and to help thoses with paranormal activity, we do except donations which is only used for acquiring and replacing equipment we are only a small group but can always call up on extra help from others on the National Register of Professional Investigators  if needed.

As we are now on the National Register of Professional Investigators
We are committed the strict code of ethics

The NRPI is a scheme that ensures minimum ethical standards by investigators of anomalous phenomena. This means that you can be sure that your investigator is always acting in your interests and will adhere to a Professional Code of Ethics that tries to ensure that you, as a client, will come to no harm during the process of an investigation.
The NRPI was founded by ASSAP (the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), a professional body for investigatorswhichis also a registered charity, limited company and learned society founded in 1981.

Vulnerable Clients
The Professional Code of Ethics does not normally allow investigators to work with clients who are under the age of 18, who are frail due to old age, who are distressed, who have disabilities or medical conditions that affect their ability to provide informed consent or have suffered a bereavement that is relevant to your case in the last 12 months. If you feel any of these apply to you please let your NRPI investigator know right away so they can discuss further options.

Data Protection
All information gathered about yourself, your property and any other persons involved in the case is held securely and confidentially by your NRPI investigator unless agreed otherwise by yourself. Details, without your personal information, may be used for training and monitoring purposes or may be published to help educate other investigators. You have the right to see any information held about you and for any information to be destroyed on your request.

DBS Checks or References
All NRPI investigators have undertaken either DBS (formerly CRB) checks where permitted, orASSAP have taken up references that help ensure their suitability for working with people who may be in-distress..

What You Should Expect
Your contact with the investigator might just involve remote support by phone or email. However should an investigator come to call you should expect the following information from your investigator to ensure you are making an informed decision to work with an NRPI

· A written agreement detailing confidentiality,
access arrangements and any special terms you

· A briefing on exactly what an investigator would do during a case investigation.
You should ensure you happy with what is proposed.

· A full debriefing and/or written report detailing
the methodology and results of the investigation.

· Details of how you can contact your NRPI
investigator at any future point should you require
support. To see the code visit assap.ac.uk/nrpi
For more information contact the National Register of Professional Investigators Email: nrpi@assap.ac.uk
Phone: 0845 652 1648